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Autosolo Events 2020
'Autosolo' is a forward only version of an autotest ideal for unmodified road cars, they must be driven to the event and have an MOT, although this can vary depending on the regulations. The rules allow for a passenger as young as 12 and a driver aged 14, though not in the same car! MGCC members have an invitation from the Cannock and District Car Club to enter their events. If you want a fun day out then visit http://www.cdcc.org.uk or see them on Facebook. An ideal opportunity to exercise your daily driver and still get to work on Monday morning. Other events may be open to MGCC members. Anyone interested in taking part in any of these events should contact the Cannock & District Car Club directly. Their website contains details of entry forms and regulations. Please refer to this link www.cdcc.org.uk - and then click on the 'Events/Social' tab. Events already pencilled in for 2020 are as follows -

1st November 2020        Curborough            Guy Fawkes Revenge All forward Production car Autotest


E10 Fuel Update from the FBHVC
Earlier in the year the FBHVC responded to a consultation on the introduction of E10 petrol. This was in fact the second consultation on E10, the first, in 2018, was about what the Government should do to meet its obligation to introduce E10. The more recent one about how it should do it. The Federation responded in detail to the first consultation. After very careful consideration and a survey of our members our main request was for a 97 RON E5 protection grade fuel. We also made some suggestions regarding labeling and warnings. It was very apparent from the second consultation that all our points had been noted and acted upon so that was duly acknowledged in our further response. 

Since then Sir Greg Knight MP, chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group, has asked a written Parliamentary question regarding the protection grade and was assured by a DfT Minister that the government recognised that historic vehicles needed such a fuel. A few days later our President, Lord Steel, asked a similar Written Parliamentary Question. In that case the DfT reply went further and stated that the Government intended to make the continued availability of the protection grade fuel a legal requirement for five years, which is the longest period permitted before a review.

We have also learned from petroleum industry sources that the industry is very happy to supply this grade and that whilst the requirement will be for 97 RON minimum it is in practice more likely to be 99.


Covid-19 Rules & Regulations
Hello everyone. The Midland Centre has previously posted information and advice here regarding Covid-19 rules, regulations and requirements. However, as these rules are constantly changing it is becoming more difficult to stay current, it is therefore possible that any advice we post here may be out-of-date, and this could cause problems for our members and our committee. As a result, the only advice we will offer here is that members should keep as up-to-date as possible regarding C-19 rules, check with the organisers of any events which members may be thinking of attending, and refer to the MGCC's main website for the current information. Members should also refer to the MGCC e-bulletin.


Midland Centre Summer Sprint 2nd August 2020
By all accounts, this event went very well. For more details, please go to our 'Events Report' page.


Midland Centre Autumn Trial 27 September
Further to our previous advance notice of the Trial, the Midland Centre is finalising arrangements for our combined Autumn and Taster event on Sunday 27th September.  We will be returning to our East Lodge Farm venue, near Bromsgrove, one that offers a good range of sections and timed tests on non-damaging grassy hillsides. 

The Autumn Trial has for decades been a Car Trial run to Classic Trials regs, while the Taster offers a fun opportunity for newcomers to have a go with even their daily drive car and see what the skills of trialling are all about – maybe you have a son or daughter who’d enjoy it, they can be 16 years old and don’t need club membership. 

Entries and signing on will all be paperless, while entry numbers are likely to be capped. On-site catering and toilet facilities available.  So if you’re looking forward to blowing away cobwebs, send your ‘expression of interest’ promptly to Secretary Tony Lake at tonylake134@hotmail.co.uk

Please note: as of 12 September entries for this event have now closed. Please contact the Entries Secretary in the event of any queries. Many thanks to those who have entered. Look forward to seeing you shortly.

The Autumn and Taster Trials will go ahead on 27-09-20. See the latest Covid 19 guidelines from MSUK, only minor changes from the advice published a couple of months ago relating to face masks.

It is a NO SPECTATOR event. You will only be admitted if the MSUK Officials or Clubman declarations have been returned to the Secretary of the meeting or the Chief Marshal.

We have a full complement of Club Officials and Marshals for the day, thanks to all of you for volunteering.

Please refer to the latest information from MSUK concerning Covid-19 requirements, including a Q&A document - click on the links below, both will open as PDF documents >

Trials/MSUK Covid Bulletin Sept 2020

Trials\MSUK covid19 guidance update Q&A.Sept 2020

Covid 19 advice and the associated new MSUK rules mean that there will be some changes from the norm. See attachment below.

  1. The Driver only, no passenger rule has just changed, friends must wear PPE, face mask, and sanitise the car when changing places.
  2. A marshal will still be judge of fact and recorder of section scores, but no score card for the driver; helps to maintain social distance
  3. Entry and indemnity forms to be completed on line, no postal entries.
  4. Entry fee to be paid on line. If you don’t have an online bank account you can call your bank and ask them to transfer the entry fee the  sort code and account number which will be on the entry form or failing that maybe a fellow entrant or your club can act for you.
  5. Driver must have an MSUK RS clubman licence, it is free, contains all your next of kin information. If you don’t have one yet please    apply now, it cannot be done on the day.
  6. Signing-on will be done on line before the event, avoids social distancing limitations on the day. There is a new MSUK form for this step which  will be emailed for you to complete and return.
  7. Technical compliance will be declared on line by the driver before the event, no scrutineering on the day, again we’ll send that form. 
  8. Final instructions will include your car number which you will have to print off and stick to the windscreen., There will be a briefing on the day but there are some MSUK instructions which you need to read as well, just common sense really, we will send you that.
  9. Entrants will have to provide their own PPE, just like you do at home, 60% alcohol sanitiser and face mask.
  10. If you have been exposed to Covid 19 in the 14 days before the event you must stay at home.      

If on-line sounds daunting, it isn’t. Last year you opened the entry and indemnity forms, printed them, filled in your personal info, found an envelope and stamp and trailed to the post box.  This year when you open the form instead of printing you will:  enable editing, type in the info, then save and send to me, it is simple to do.

This is the future. It was going to happen anyway. Many clubs are already there. We are in fast catch-up mode, if you do have problems we are only an email or a phone call away.

You can read the MSUK 'Getting Back On Track' Club Sport advice by clicking the link below -

MSUK Getting Motorsport Back on Track


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