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Notice of MGCC General Meeting - 17th April 2021

Dear Club Member

Notice is hereby given that a general meeting (Meeting) of the Company will be held virtually by Zoom on Saturday 17th April 2021 at 11 a.m.

The CRB's are convening the Meeting in accordance with the powers conferred upon us by section 305 of the Companies Act 2006 as a result of a failure by the directors of the Company to comply with the requirement in sections 303 and 304 of the Companies Act 2006 to call a general meeting of the Company within 21 days from the date of receipt by the Company of a requisition from us to call a general meeting.

The appointed voting representative of all CRB';s will be asked to formally vote in of a new Board of Directors (EC).
For more information, continued updates and the very latest news on them all please follow the link to the 'Events' page throughout the year. In addition a full list of the forthcoming two months events will be listed within the Midlands Centre page in all monthly Safety Fast Magazines during 2021.

If you would like more information on any of these events please contact the Midland Centre using our 'Email Us' link on the top right of each web page at any time and we will gladly give you more details on them and how you can join us.

Statement of MGCC Governance - 8th April 2021
Dear MGCC Midland Centre Members,

Yesterday evening, (7 April), we received a statement from the MGCC Executive Committee (EC), that mindful of the decision by the recent meeting of the club`s council, (made up of representatives from the CRBs), that overwhelmingly expressed no confidence in the in the conduct of the EC in its handling of affairs most notably concerning the dismissal process concerning the conduct of an employee of the club and other disciplinary matters applicable to other employees, following which three directors saw fit to resign. With the imminent staging of an EGM scheduled for the 17 April called to ratify the motion of no confidence in the actions of the EC, the remaining directors have resigned with immediate effect with the exception of Peter Cook who remains in post to ensure continuity of the club`s affairs including temporary co option of a "shadow" board until new directors can be voted in at the EGM.

Given the very difficult situation the club had found itself in we can be grateful that this decision has been arrived at thus avoiding any further debate and consequent polarisation of views. This now clears the way for the creation of a new board and a fresh start for the club.

None of what has occurred has in any way affected the club`s programme of events as we continue both at Centre level and nationally to forge ahead with opportunities to enjoy our MGs and all that the marque stands for.

Roger King - Chairman Midlands Centre.
General   News ...  
Coronavirus (Covid-19)
The current situation regarding coronavirus may result in many public events being either cancelled or at least severely curtailed. This may apply to events being organised by various MG groups, including the Midland Centre. We strongly advise our members to check with the organisers of any event which you may be thinking of attending, before leaving home, to ascertain whether or not it is still being held. Updates affecting Midland Centre events will be displayed here and may be issued in Centre email bulletins.

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