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Midland Centre  Sporting Events 2022 ...

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NEW - MGCC Autumn Trial & Taster Trial -
East Lodge Farm, Sunningdale Rd, Bromsgrove, B61 7NN .
Entries have now opened for the Midland Centre  Autumn Trial & Taster Trial at East Lodge Farm, Bromsgrove on Sunday 25th September. There will be the usual proper trial which this year is a round of the WMMC Championship - the first time for many years and the first for us at this venue and there will also be a Taster Class for those new to the sport. 

Why not give it a try, or at least come along to see how it all works.  Should be fun!

Entry Forms now available....... See below

Autumn Trial Entry Form  HERE
AT Regulations now available  HERE

Taster Trial Entry Form  HERE
TT Regulations now available

More details of these events and others, the regulations and entry forms will be available on our 'events' page on this website nearer the date for the event.
NEW - MGCC Summer Sprint Report  -
Curborough 7th August  ...
Crisis – what crisis? (With apologies to Supertramp).
While it can’t be denied that we’re all going through cost-of-living concerns right now, you wouldn’t have known it from the excellent number of competitors and spectators who turned out at Curborough for the Midland Centre’s Summer Sprint.

Let’s continue with a comment on the weather because that sets the scene for the day, hot sunshine, a bit of a breeze and good track temperature. So, few mishaps that kept a busy event on schedule. The figure of eight course is demanding, all point and squirt, it brought out the best driver skills with close competition in all classes competing in a round of the MGCC Speed Championship. 

For much of the day spectators filled
the viewing areas and brought with them an eclectic variety of vehicles, ranging from a vintage-looking Essex, through a huge Pontiac Catalina, to a rebuilt Austin Allegro fitted with a K-series engine and turbo which the owner believed may be the fastest Allegro in the world – who could argue? Either way, the workmanship was impressive.

Class SA, up to 1400cc unmodified,
for cars which must be driven to the event, heavily populated by MG ZRs was a win for Les Wilson on 72.06. Close behind on 72.73 was Mike Smith. 3rd, Jack Twomey on 73.44, his ZR features in a YouTube series about whether it’s possible to get a car to win trophies for an annual layout of less than £1000. It’s called project Stinky, watch it to find out why.

Class 1 for standard cars was won by Richard Froggatt’s MG ZT260, V8 4.6L, 71.85, which doubles as tow car, family transport and sprint car. Weighing in 1850kgs it eats up tyres and brakes and does 8mpg on track. He beat David Coulthard’s 1.8 ZR on 72.49.

Class 2 was another fastest time for Martin Lunn in a Midget.

Class 3 for road going MGBs was a win for Paul Drake on 69.59, maybe the Weber carb made all the difference over Terry Pigott’s similar B on 73.13.


Thanks to Andrew Robson & Tony Lake for this report..

Full list of results here..
Image Gallery here..
Class 5 for Group 4 racing cars was a win for Andy Walker in his 4.6L V8 MG B roadster. Ear wigging on a conversation about V8s between he and Brian Osborn, who wants to sell his V8, the Peter Burgess magic continues to deliver the goods. Andy has 460 lb. ft of torque under his right boot, exactly double the original factory V8 figure. As AJ Foyt wisely opined: There ain’t no substitute for cubic inches.

Class 7a for up to 1400cc road legal race cars saw Graham Harvey set 69.38, his beautiful 1380cc 120hp Austin Mini is crossflow, fuel injected and home brewed.

Class 8b, over 1700cc road legal;
Simon Price in a 1998cc Westfield SE iW set fastest time of 62.55. Mark Williams was fastest in class 10, modified specialist, his 1300 Westfield Megabusa ran 55.75, what a difference a set of slicks and a lightweight engine make, very close to FTD. 

Class 11a, up to 1700cc sports libre was a win for John Bradburn, his Radical beating Lloyd Bettison’s 998cc Stm Phoenix. 

For those whose MGs compete in both the Spring and Autumn sprints; their combined times resulted in the award of the Kjell Qvale Trophy for pre 1956 MGs to Dave Morris, s/c 1350cc TC.

The post 1956 MG Ernie Foster Trophy, went to Martin Lunn, 1328cc Midget. 

A very busy meeting, slick organisation, lots of smiley faces and a full entry list, thanks to all the usual culprits, you know who you are! A special pat on the back to commentator Owen Cule for his insight.

To the awards.........
Fastest Lady went to Rosemary Collins, ZR with 75.04.

Best Novice
was Ioan Evans, Van Diemen FRF88, on 63.72, still striving to beat Uncle Chris, the car owner, who was just .01 sec faster, nearly there Ioan!

The Kimber Trophy for Fastest MG driven by an MGCC member, 60.96, went to Andy Walker.

set by John Bradburn; 1300cc Radical Prosport with 55.54 who wins the John Arrowsmith Trophy.

MGCC Spring Sprint Report  -  Curborough 3rd April  ...
Any ice racing fan must have wondered why the first practice group of ZRs and TFs weren’t on studs. Sunday 03-04-22 dawned close to freezing, but no snow this year, low track temperatures and very cold tyres are not good friends which made for several spins and other involuntary scenery exploration on 4 wheels, that kept the marshals warm sweeping up. There was an abundance of spectators, good to see after two years of enforced absence and all able to take advantage of free entry.

Once again, some historic cars featured. The Bellevue Special was built by Walter ‘Wilkie’ Wilkinson on a 1935 MG Magnette to create a naturally aspirated 1.5-litre offset monoposto. ‘Wilkie’ and Bellevue founders, the Evans brothers, raced the car with some success in its first season. Two years later it was sold to Brooklands racer Charles Mortimer. In 1948, it was purchased by Basil de Lissa, who fitted a supercharger to replace 6 Amals, that would be quite a tuning challenge. He raced it at Goodwood’s first ever meeting in September 1948, lining up against the likes of Stirling Moss and John Coooper. After de Lissa sold the car, it was fitted with unattractive GRP bodywork and ended up in a scrapyard in Co. Durham. Norman Hart acquired the car and carried out a thorough restoration, including new aluminium bodywork by David Royle. Now owned by Charles McAvoy the car sprang a fuel leak before practice which took a little time to fix, it then digested an irritant that blocked the float chamber, once removed it ran briskly as son Steven did 41.53. 

James Thacker forsook his Modsports Midget for the ex-Alec Poole Frogeye Sprite which he has owned since 1970. TZA 238 was campaigned extensively until 1977 when brake failure at Copse, Silverstone resulted in a bad accident which side-lined the car until a rebuild was completed in 2015. Its last outing at Curborough was in 1973, 38.5 secs, Sunday yielded 39.75.

John Hawley’s 1964 Midget has been campaigned at MGCC Midland Centre sprints since he bought it new.  Now in its 58th year of competition it is still a quick car, up against James, nip and tuck in practice 0.5 sec between them; but in the runs he had to give best to the Frogeye. 

Fastest MG went to Andy Walker with 4.6 litres of V8 under the bonnet on 33.17. 

Fastest Lady in an MG was Helen Waddington’s ZR 1800 with 40.78, now in its twentieth year at Curborough. 

There was a good result too for Iaon Evans, nephew of Chris Horton sharing Chris’s Van Diemen FR88. Iaon was Fastest Novice on 36.18 in his first season, just pipping his uncle on 36.51, nice bit of family rivalry.

FTD went to Paul Webb in his 998 OMS PR in 31.08 who said it was his first award in several years competition never mind being fastest on the day, his previous best had been 31.45. He was clearly delighted and even more so that his parents had made the trip from Devon and were able to bask in his success. 

MGCC Midland Centre thanks its organising officials, the marshals, eighty one drivers and particularly the seven competing for the first time at a sprint. Sixteen year old Ben Robinson did 40.04 in father Steve’s Caterham 7 Supersport, he had the biggest grin, we think they’ll all be back soon.

The awards ceremony was very well attended. The results sheet was available quickly after the last run at 16:00 thanks to Resultsman, which meant that by 16:20 we’d presented 21 out of the 23 awards in person which rounded off the event in a much more rewarding way.

Tony Lake.
Thanks to Martin Price for all images)

The 'Special' Trophy winners were awarded to:-.

Fastest Lady Driver -
Helen Waddington  (MG ZR)  40.78

Fastest Novice -
Ioan Evans  (Van Diemen FRF88)  36.18

The 'Midnight Cup' for Fastest MG of the Day -
Andy Walker (MGB V8)  33.17

The 'Weston Cup' for Fastest Time of the Day -
Paul Webb (OMS PR)  31.08
Midland Centre Trials...

Spring and Autumn production car trials have been a strong feature in the MGCC calendar for decades. The Spring trial had seen a dwindling entry in the last few years to the point where it was no longer a viable competition and the 2016 event was cancelled. This was quite a big blip in over 80 years of organisation and competition for the MGCC in the Midland Centre, so what to do about it?

At the 2016 Autumn Trial we had a good discussion with competitors about the future of the Spring Trial. As a result of that and another debate that Adrian Tucker-Peake had initiated early in 2015 with Midland Auto Club and the MSA GoMotorsport regional development officer the framework for a taster trial has emerged.

It is clear that with a mature but still enthusiastic entry for the autumn event it makes sense to plan for the future; something which both MSUK and the MGCC have recognised.

The objective is to involve newcomers; youngsters and adults who might have heard about trials but haven’t taken it any further yet. An opportunity for experienced drivers to bring their boys and girls and to help on the day. The MSUK acknowledges that clubs need to be able to attract new faces and on a one off annual basis will issue a permit that allows non-club members, members of the public, to take part in a taster event whilst being covered by the MSUK public liability insurance.

All you need is an RS Clubman licence, available free on the MSUK website. It will be a production car event which means that standard road cars are both eligible and suitable. We typically see, MGZR, Rover25, MG F and Citroen Saxo among other small cars competing at the Autumn Trial, all are competent handy vehicles. The course will be grass and mud, essentially non-damaging with some AutoSolo type forward only tests.
The format will include an explanation of the different types of trial, the classes, how to prepare a vehicle, completing paperwork, driving instruction, driving practice and some good takeaways as a reminder of the event, and if you’ve enjoyed the experience, we hope you’ll join a club and compete.

So, its now YOUR chance to have a go, this event is for young drivers and novices to Trialing, we will be able to give you expert guidance and let you get out there in a mild way to try your skills on a safe grassy field.

This is where car control and careful movements can really help you with conditions which you may experience in regular Winter driving, but while you practice there are very few ditches, trees or other immovable objects to worry about. So why not give it a go, or at least come and watch what happens on the day, after that you may want to have a go next time.

Sporting Events - How can I get started? ... Sprinting & Hillclimbing ...
Are you interested in Motorsport but not sure how it all works?
  • Have you ever competed in your car?
  • Are you familiar with the various regulations?
  • The MG Car Club can make it easy for you to begin.
  • It's not always as costly as you expect it would be.
  • There is now a 'Young Persons' event which you can enter.
To try and give you as much information as possible the MG Car Club Midland Centre have created information sheets for various Sporting events, most of which the Centre will be holding during the year.

If you would like more details or like to discuss further, please contact the following who will be keen to assist you.

Tony Lake - Midland Centre Trials Co-ordinator
Telephone 01604 589104

David Russell - Midland Centre Sprints Co-ordinator
Telephone 07808 763685

The MG Car Club has been organising motor sport since the 1930’s and the Midland Centre also has a very long history of doing so. Currently, we organise two speed events each year at the Curborough Sprint Course, which is situated three or four miles north of Lichfield in Staffordshire, just off theA38, near the Fradley Industrial Estate. The Centre has recently celebrated fifty years of running these successful meetings there.

MGCC racing, sprints and hill climbs are well publicised in Safety Fast Magazine.These are speed events, often connected to championships for which an MSUK competition licence is required before one can compete. Their website explains how to qualify for a licence. There are plenty of clubs in the Midlands organising similar contests enabling the newcomer to plan a season of competition. As a way to encourage the younger drivers, all 'Under 21s' qualify for a discounted entry fee.

More photos on our Facebook page  HERE More Information on the pdf download HERE

Sporting Events - What is a Naviscat? ...
This style of event involves plotting onto an Ordnance Survey 1:50000 scale map twenty or twenty-four clue-point locations and then selecting a maximum of three quarters of them to visit. They will likely be within a radius of eight to ten miles of the start and the plotting will require an understanding of basic navigation techniques such as grid references, tulip diagrams, map symbols, spot heights or herringbone diagrams.

More information HERE

Sporting Events - What is an AutoSolo? ...

'Autosolo' is a forward only version of an autotest ideal for unmodified road cars, they must be driven to the event and have an MOT, although this can vary depending on the regulations. The rules allow for a passenger as young as 12 and a driver aged 14, though not in the same car! MGCC members have an invitation from the Cannock and District Car Club to enter their events.

If you want a fun day out then visit http://www.cdcc.org.uk or see them on Facebook. An ideal opportunity to exercise your daily driver and still get to work on Monday morning.

Other events may be open to MGCC members. Anyone interested in taking part in any of these events should contact the Cannock & District Car Club directly. Their website contains details of entry forms and regulations.

Thanks to MGCC Member Ian Webb for this summary which has previously been printed in Safety fast Magazine.

More Information on our pdf  - download HERE
Sporting Events - Young Members in Motorsport ...

It’s been highly encouraging to learn that some of the Young Members Branch recently obtained Clubman’s licences.

The MSUK website is a good starting point for information and help about how to get started in low cost grass roots motorsport

The Midland Centre of the MGCC is registered with AWMMC, the Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs. This organisation acts as a forum and clearing house for regional motorsport, avoiding date clashes and providing publicity for all the affiliated clubs in the area.

The AWMMC website is a gold mine. It lists all its affiliated members and their principle activities in motor sport which makes hunting down a club event in your neck of the woods pretty easy. You will find annual calendars, regulations, entry forms; so pretty straight forward to organise your weekend pursuits in which ever discipline takes your fancy. 

The MSUK rules for clubman events encourage the organising club to invite up to 15 MSUK affiliated-clubs to participate; this information can be found in the regulations.

A quick scan through the clubs listed in your geographic areawill reveal all sorts of sport which is impossible to publish in Safety Fast but nonetheless could be open to MGCC members.

If the MGCC is not listed as an invited club you will likely find that a call to the organisers will welcome the MGCC and we will be added to the list, clubs don’t turn down potential entries.

The Midland Centre is keen to help the Young Members Branch become involved in motor sport, in whatever way it can, visit the Midland Centre 'events' page for up-to-date event listings, contacts and motor sport opportunities.   

As a way to encourage the younger drivers, all 'Under 21s' qualify for a discounted entry fee.

Sporting Events - Start Trials with a 'Taster Trial' event ... Sporting Events - Start as a Marshall...

MSUK encourage Taster events which are designed to whet the appetite of novices for Clubman level competition. The Midland Centre has organised an annual Taster Car Trial for several years which has been popular, a friendly all-inclusive low cost day out with your daily driver, no special preparation needed.

Lots of instruction about car control plus the opportunity to tackle grassy hills, adverse ca
mber, hilly stop and restart and safe downhill reversing techniques, an opportunity to get involved in a safe environment.

More photos on our Facebook page  HERE & HERE

Another way to get a feel for the many and varied disciplines is to volunteer as a marshal, they are always in relatively short supply and if it is your forte you will find yourself in demand. Contact the chief marshal for the event to make yourself known.

Simon Morris -  Sporting Event and Marshal Co-ordinator

Telephone 07788 168488  

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