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Midland Centre  Sporting Events 2021 ...

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MGCC Summer Sprint -
Curborough 1st August 2021. 

Entry Form and Regulations now available 'HERE'
MGCC Sprint Results - Curborough 11th April 2021 ...
The 'Special' Trophy winners were awarded to:-.

Fastest Lady Driver -
Helen Waddington  (MG ZR)  41.37

The 'Midnight Cup' for Fastest MG of the Day -
Richard Watkinson (MG Midget)  37.05

The 'Weston Cup' for Fastest Time of the Day -
Steve Miles (Van Dieman)  29.51

Thanks go to all of the Midland Centre Event organisers for creating such a slick, safe, well controlled and enjoyable meeting. Let's hope it can the the first of many during 2021

Full list of results here..

Full Report here..

Image Gallery here..
NEW EVENT...  'Navigational Regularity Rally - Sunday 17th October 2021

This Navigational 12-car Rally will take place in Herefordshire and will be based to the west of Ledbury at Westons Cider Mill at Much Marcle using OS 1:50,000 scale Maps 149 and 162. The event will be organised with Covid compliant regulations as permitted by government rules and MSUK conditions. Entry and signing-on will be by e-mail with self-certified personal health and car eligibility. Social distancing will be monitored, and face coverings will be mandatory where appropriate.

The Event will commence at approx.11.30 with return to the start venue by 14.30.  Total distance will be 60 – 65 miles on tarmac roads. This event will be a round of the Inter Register Club Championship, which will see entries from pre-war cars such as Riley, Alvis, Austin, Humber, Sunbeam, as well as MG’s. A Separate class will accommodate more modern MG’s.

Contact Bob if you would like to receive his Notes on Basic Navigation or his Notes on Regularity Timing.

The Entry fee for this 12-Car Regularity Rally is £25

For further information, Supplementary Regulations and Entry Forms please see our events page 'HERE'

REPORT...  'Naviscat' - 6th June 2021

The ‘Naviscat’ organised by committee member Bob Blackstock on Saturday 5 June was considered by all the 12 crews that took part to be a great success. 

As relative novices my navigator Steve and I had an initial small problem when plotting in that we thought the instructions followed the route we needed to take from one clue after the other, twenty in all. Unable to work this out we asked Bob for guidance and he pointed out all the way points were plotted from the start point and we then found our way to them all. Clear? Well once we realised that we quickly plotted them all over a cup of coffee and then commenced the run.

We only needed to visit 15 and answer the questions, sometimes walking to find the code boards. On route we came across other competitors coming the reverse way to us resulting in waves and horn blowing. Starting at 12.30pm we had to be back by 4pm which we managed,indeed we were first back.

At result time we came in 3rd equal, but on a tie break question, the date of Queen Victoria`s Golden Jubilee, we were relegated to fourth. Still,out of 12 entrants we were well pleased.

The weather was fabulous. The countryside a brilliant green. With the hood down the entire day there is nothing better than MGing down twisting lanes smelling the greenery and all too often manure, and the distant calling of a cuckoo, a sound a townie like me had not heard in years.

And at the end a superb, chilled to perfection, glass of cider brewed at the start and finish venue of Weston`s Cider complex of Much Markle.

A great thank you to Bob for making this all happen and good to see John and Judy Fry lending a hand as well.

Finally, Bob, thanks for laying on a fly past of the Red Arrows minutes before the start. Totally brill! 

We`ll be back.

Roger King - Chairman MGCC Midland Centre

REPORT...  MGCC Spring Sprint - Curborough 11th April  ...

With the Competitors and Officials being greeted at the Circuit by the Snow Flurries, it was a real reminder of the April event some years ago at the same venue and proof that Spring can still be a little unpredictable. However within a short time, the record number of 83 drivers were quickly setting out the cars in the pre-arranged spaces in readiness to get back on track, for the first time in 2021, and many for the first time in over a year.

The Centre were delighted with the number of MG entrants with half the entries being this Marque. All were keen to get to the start lines, and didn't require much calling this time.

Of course, the whole event was being run with the highest level of Covid-19 controls therefore no spectators were being allowed, but there were sufficient numbers of drivers to give the event a good but safe feeling of activity. Midland Centre Covid-19 Marshall's were constantly circulating and keeping everyone in order, if they spotted any possible breaches.

The event was being staged on the Curborough 'One lapper' Circuit, again a first for some, and first in a long time for others, but were all keen to try to have a two session practice, followed by a three session timed lap.

The MG ZR 1.4 litre class, was hotly contested with nine cars battling it out for class honours, all having been road driven to the venue. Now this is really budget motor sport at its best for third in class was Graham Harvey with a time of 40.78 seconds round the single lap circuit, whilst first place went to Jack Twomey achieving a lap time of 40.47. The point is Graham`s car cost him £500 purchased off eBay, and was completely standard. "Brilliant little car", said Graham and so say all of us…..

If you have wondered about getting back into competitive motor sport for the sheer fun of it? Maybe starting out? Or perhaps you fancy dipping your toe into a puddle of adrenaline? Whatever, irrespective of age you really can have fun at budget prices so snap up an MG ZR 1.4 and go for it.

Even the driving was well behaved, with very few laps being lost by small 'offs' and the detailed planning for the timing allowed everyone who wanted to get in the two practice and three timed laps before 5.00pm. Following the 30 minutes allowance for any protests, the winners and awards were decided at 5.30pm and although many needed to get away, there was still time for the prizes.

Sporting Events 2021 ...
Our regular events which the Centre organise like the Spring Sprint to be held at Curborough on Sunday 11th April.

Our Summer Sprint is again at Curborough on Sunday 1st August and the Autumn Trial at Burton Dassett Hills Country Park on Sunday 26th September, will continue again in 2021, Covid restrictions allowing.

The Regularity Run is planned to take place during September 2021 in Herefordshire, more details, regulations and entry forms will be available on our 'events' page on this website nearer the date for the event.

The Naviscat is planned to start late Morning of Saturday 5th June. This style of event involves plotting onto an Ordnance Survey 1:50000 scale map twenty or twenty-four clue-point locations and then selecting a maximum of three quarters of them to visit.

They will likely be within a radius of eight to ten miles of the start and the plotting will require an understanding of basic navigation techniques such as grid references, tulip diagrams, map symbols, spot heights or herringbone diagrams
Sporting Events - How can I get started? ... Sprinting & Hillclimbing ...
Are you interested in Motorsport but not sure how it all works?
  • Have you ever competed in your car?
  • Are you familiar with the various regulations?
  • The MG Car Club can make it easy for you to begin.
  • It's not always as costly as you expect it would be.
  • There is now a 'Young Persons' event which you can enter.
To try and give you as much information as possible the MG Car Club Midland Centre have created information sheets for various Sporting events, most of which the Centre will be holding during the year.
If you would like more details or like to discuss further, please contact the following who will be keen to assist you.

Tony Lake - Midland Centre Trials Co-ordinator
Telephone 01604 589104

David Russell - Midland Centre Sprints Co-ordinator
Telephone 07808 763685

The MG Car Club has been organising motor sport since the 1930’s and the Midland Centre also has a very long history of doing so. Currently, we organise two speed events each year at the Curborough Sprint Course, which is situated three or four miles north of Lichfield in Staffordshire, just off theA38, near the Fradley Industrial Estate. The Centre has recently celebrated fifty years of running these successful meetings there.

MGCC racing, sprints and hill climbs are well publicised in Safety Fast Magazine.These are speed events, often connected to championships for which an MSUK competition licence is required before one can compete. Their website explains how to qualify for a licence. There are plenty of clubs in the Midlands organising similar contests enabling the newcomer to plan a season of competition.

As a way to encourage the younger drivers, all 'Under 21s' qualify for a discounted entry fee.

More photos on our Facebook page  HERE More Information on the pdf download HERE

MGCC Midland Centre Young Members in Motorsport. It’s been highly encouraging to learn that some of the Young Members Branch recently obtained Clubman’s licences.

The MSUK website is a good starting point for information and help about how to get started in low cost grass roots motorsport

The Midland Centre of the MGCC is registered with AWMMC, the Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs. This organisation acts as a forum and clearing house for regional motorsport, avoiding date clashes and providing publicity for all the affiliated clubs in the area.

The AWMMC website is a gold mine. It lists all its affiliated members and their principle activities in motor sport which makes hunting down a club event in your neck of the woods pretty easy. You will find annual calendars, regulations, entry forms; so pretty straight forward to organise your weekend pursuits in which ever discipline takes your fancy. 

The MSUK rules for clubman events encourage the organising club to invite up to 15 MSUK affiliated-clubs to participate; this information can be found in the regulations.

A quick scan through the clubs listed in your geographic areawill reveal all sorts of sport which is impossible to publish in Safety Fast but nonetheless could be open to MGCC members.

If the MGCC is not listed as an invited club you will likely find that a call to the organisers will welcome the MGCC and we will be added to the list, clubs don’t turn down potential entries.

The Midland Centre is keen to help the Young Members Branch become involved in motor sport, in whatever way it can, visit the Midland Centre 'events' page for up-to-date event listings, contacts and motor sport opportunities.   

As a way to encourage the younger drivers, all 'Under 21s' qualify for a discounted entry fee.

What is a Naviscat'?
This style of event involves plotting onto an Ordnance Survey 1:50000 scale map twenty or twenty-four clue-point locations and then selecting a maximum of three quarters of them to visit. They will likely be within a radius of eight to ten miles of the start and the plotting will require an understanding of basic navigation techniques such as grid references, tulip diagrams, map symbols, spot heights or herringbone diagrams.

More information HERE

What is an 'AutoSolo'?

'Autosolo' is a forward only version of an autotest ideal for unmodified road cars, they must be driven to the event and have an MOT, although this can vary depending on the regulations. The rules allow for a passenger as young as 12 and a driver aged 14, though not in the same car! MGCC members have an invitation from the Cannock and District Car Club to enter their events.

If you want a fun day out then visit http://www.cdcc.org.uk or see them on Facebook. An ideal opportunity to exercise your daily driver and still get to work on Monday morning.

Other events may be open to MGCC members. Anyone interested in taking part in any of these events should contact the Cannock & District Car Club directly. Their website contains details of entry forms and regulations.
Thanks to MGCC Member Ian Webb for this summary which has previous;y been printed in Safety fast Magazine.
More Information on our pdf  - download HERE

Start Trials safely and cheaply with a 'Taster' event.

MSUK encourage Taster events which are designed to whet the appetite of novices for Clubman level competition. The Midland Centre has organised an annual Taster Car Trial for several years which has been popular, a friendly all-inclusive low cost day out with your daily driver, no special preparation needed. Lots of instruction about car control plus the opportunity to tackle grassy hills, adverse camber, hilly stop and restart and safe downhill reversing techniques, an opportunity to get involved in a safe environment.

More photos on our Facebook page  HERE & HERE

What about starting as a Marshall?

Another way to get a feel for the many and varied disciplines is to volunteer as a marshal, they are always in relatively short supply and if it is your forte you will find yourself in demand. Contact the chief marshal for the event to make yourself known.

Simon Morris - Sporting Event and Marshal Co-ordinator
Telephone 07788 168488 

General   News ...  
Coronavirus (Covid-19)
The current situation regarding coronavirus may result in many public events being either cancelled or at least severely curtailed. This may apply to events being organised by various MG groups, including the Midland Centre. We strongly advise our members to check with the organisers of any event which you may be thinking of attending, before leaving home, to ascertain whether or not it is still being held. Updates affecting Midland Centre events will be displayed here and may be issued in Centre email bulletins.

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